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Street Photoshoot 2014

Street shoot held at Deira Dubai last February 7, 2014 around 9pm until 1am. It was my first try for lights and speed kind of shoot. Way different from casual portrait shoot. It is more relax and cool. With the guide of the masters I did it well, I guess. Haha. Funny thing was I did my night makeup but it failed, makeup doesn’t count so big for street shoots as the photographers have told me. You just have to enjoy, be calm and be natural. So I already have ideas for my next street shoot. Haha. Shoot held at perfect venue, super cold weather, my keds plus my shorts on = W-O-W Winter!! Haha. But overall, my experience was awesome. A really must try again and again. *_* So looking forward for another set, masters! 🙂

 So far, I met and worked with the brilliant masters of Street Photography. I am also with my ever supportive big sister, Kate, who never fail to be my companion all the time. And I am also wishing and looking forward for her success in the field of photography. Braaavoooo!! 🙂

Credits to all the Photographers:

Gilbert Basa

Franco Andrade Naron

Kate Roseos 

Ghostfighter Eughene

Dexter Bacani


Brilliant photos:


Cheers for our group photos:
…..thank you for the another experience. 🙂

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”