Enjoying my Talent

Ever since I engaged myself to make up, I always dream  of having my own name in beauty industry , local and in hollywood (mangangarap nalang e, pabonggahin na). For me, being a makeup artist is a privilege. A special talent anyone can be really proud of.  For make up has the power of making people more beautiful than they couldn’t imagine. I enjoy everything in make up. And so I was so happy when I was invited by some of the great photographers to be the MUA of their beautiful model.  I am also dreaming to be makeup artist of Ms. Bea Alonzo for she have a perfect face and of course my hidden reason is to see her boyfriend, my long time crush, Zanjoe Marudo. Hahaha. (Kinikilig) Luckily, their model is resemblance of Bea Alonzo and hoping for Zanjoe to be with her. Hahahaha.

Anyway, the photoshoot was held at Jumeirah Open Beach, United Arab Emirates. January 3, 2014.

Photographers: Kate Roseos, Ernie Manzano, Chino Marfax and Vic Pacursa

Model: Ms. Salie- Half Filipino, Half Spanish

(Credits to all the photographers)


DSC_9833 B



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